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Alex Baboian
Soul Summon

Wandering people of the arrival of another night
I call your feet to dance with my beat
to shake riddle raddle and roll

Don’t think that you can hide from me your dusk and your gloom
Your feet are on the ground but your soul is on the moon
too busy swallowing what your brain is chewing to properly shake

This is a call from whatever it is inside of me to whatever it is inside of you
can you see the cosmos in my eyes that I see in yours?
or is your jaw clenched too tighly to the hopeless bone of the reflection of your own?

Why do you straighten the curls from your hair?
let your kites off of the ground
and your troubled birds from their cerebral cages

Do you think the lions of jungles and kings of kingdoms
give a damn what you put in your coffee and your tea?

Put down the remote
and put your philosophy out on the dance floor and see where the river takes it…

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