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Alex Baboian
My Heart is a Radio

My heart is a radio
That pumps blood through my veins the color of jazz funk blues soul and hip hop
with an electromagnetic flow
that transduces the enigmas of the streets into rhythms in the soles of my feet
delivering oxygyn to your ears

My heart is a radio
that broadcasts soulful spirituality loud on all stations
frequency shifting between love songs so fresh flowers bloom in your ears
psychadelic modal atmospheres dripping with the gentle golden smoothness of walnuts and honey
roots jams that groove bump and grind street beats of social, economic, and political struggle
ballads with warm raindrops falling nostalgically from poetic dark blue night skies

My heart is a radio
I beat my chest to the drum of ancient civilizations
Tuned into the voice of gods and goddesses
singing in languages flavored with the spices from all directions of the earth
birds fly gracefully through the twisting and turning hair of my melodies
that blend and blur tealike into the enharmonic painting of the rising and setting sun

My heart is a radio
and your heart is a radio too
why listen to the jukebox when you can turn yourself on?
believe in the blessedness of your own atomic infrastructure
you are Jimi Hendrix
you are Bob Marley
you are Duke Ellington
your voice is just as loud
fingers just as strong

So join me as i hum my way through the shackles
Close your eyes and taste the transmissions of sweet boombox bliss
coming from your own eternal soul

8/16, © Babo’s House

All Audio/Video/Writing © Copyright Alex Baboian, Baboshouse 2017